It is a proposal of six types of wall clocks with flowers as a motif. Flowers have mysterious power. Refreshing effect when depressed, relaxing effect when feeling stressed. Even if you are busy, your mind will calm down and your heart will be enriched. I was inspired to make a watch that looks at the power of flowers every day. By adding a flower clock to the wall as an interior, it will add color to your daily life.

By using a 3D printer made of nylon, it is possible to express delicate shapes that could not be expressed conventionally.

Judge comments

I was fascinated by the delicate imagination that used the processing technology suited to the theme.
When I looked closely, I felt that there was a beautiful fit where the technology and design fit comfortably, such as the detail that overlapped several millimeters and the slightly rounded structure. Rather than functionality, the fact that the artist's feelings and the colors of the modeling were richly felt in the delicate design led to high evaluation. (Juneya Maejima)

LOFT & Fab Award 2017 Award winning landscape