• TUIKI - One mouth , cup

    It is a cup and a cup that makes use of Tsuiki copperware, a traditional craft of Niigata. By making the handle part carelessly, a new way to enjoy finding the angle at which the user comes to his / her hand and the placement of the finger is born.


    Six types of wall clocks with floral motifs. Flowers have a mysterious power that makes you feel calm when you look at them. We put the power of flowers into a watch that looks at them every day.


    Innovation plastics derived from mineral components extracted from seawater developed by the Mitsui Chemicals Group. It is a vessel with a wave motif that makes you want to tell someone about a story extracted from seawater.

  • Tetristyle

    Shelf that can be freely rearranged according to the scene and decorated. By attaching velcro to a wooden board and a piece of wood, you can create and enjoy shelves that match your lifestyle.


    The handle has a triangular shape, making it easy to use with your fingers. The shape that gradually changes from a triangle to a circle is easy to pinch between the thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and you can feel a firm pressing feeling.

  • Plumage Chair

    A dining chair designed with the motif of Hagoromo Tenno. The flowing curves of the back and the comfort of the form will make you feel comfortable in a casual life.

  • Bamboo Chair

    A stool with a textured stitch on the seat. It has a beautiful shape of traditional bamboo weaving while having a stylish shape that is easy to accept in modern life.