It is a proposal of a wave device (NAMIKI) with a motif of waves that makes you want to tell the story of NAGORI to someone without thinking. The shape whose wavelength becomes gentler as it goes upward has a unique grip and is easy to grasp, and each time it is used, it reminds of NAGORI's story that it is made of mineral components of seawater.

The sides have a sharp edge, so you can express the reproducibility of NAGORI ™ edges. We designed a tableware that uses waves as a motif with the meaning of using materials made of the mineral components of seawater to make the shape straight to people and viewers.

Judge comments

The concept made of sea minerals was expressed in a stylish way.
We are evaluating the point of expressing the wave using the moldability of plastic.

concept Material NAGORI ™ Use Idea Contest 2017